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Biography of Altis Kelly Owner, Ginger Kelly Day Spa In 2003, after serving over 10 years professionally as a massage therapist, Altis Kelly opened Trinity's Serenity Spa. In 2005, Ms. Kelly established Ginger Kelly Day Spa, a traveling home mobile therapeutic massage company. Ginger Kelly Day Spa provides massage therapy services to various professionals, including attorneys, railroad workers, bus drivers, social workers and police officers on a daily basis. Ms. Kelly works to address her client's specific areas of discomfort, therapeutic needs, while addressing their health and wellness concerns. Ginger Kelly Day Spa specializes in providing aromatherapy massages, relaxing massages, pregnancy massages trigger-point massages. The spa’s service ratings continue to consistently exceed over 90% of overall customer satisfaction, year by year. Along with providing massage therapeutic services, Ginger Kelly Day Spa also provides unique and memorable experiences. These memorable experiences include her signature massage package, “Pamper Me Please,” along with a host of private and social events. Altis decided to create a body scrub for the conditions of her clients skin. Clients then wanted to purchase the body scrub for themselves. Atis decided to call her product Sugary Silky Body Scrub. She has been featured on Oprah's Life Class and with Steve Harvey. Ginger Kelly Day Spa coordinates quarterly events at her home church, Original Philadelphia Baptist Church, including their Mother's Day, Pastor Wife's Anniversary and other events. She also facilitates other various events at churches and other private event venues within the Chicago land area. Ms. Kelly has also worked with the likes of Tiffany & Company, who provided their employees with a day of pampering. Ginger Kelly Day Spa continues to reach Chicago’s busiest professionals within the Chicago area. Her work is constantly sought after to provide stress reduction, health/wellness and lifestyle coaching. Ms. Kelly currently resides in the Chicago area is very active in her church. She has a strong belief system that she also incorporates within her business, which is displayed by the healing she provides to her clients daily.
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